Your Special Agent in Home Loans

Big Time Bond has been actively involved in the bond origination industry since 2001.

With financial services background we identified a need to educate customers about the bond application process as well as the product criteria of each bank.

How does this process help you? We apply via your personal banker, only one set of paperwork, better interest rate, save thousands on your home loan over the repayment period negotiated and save on your monthly instalment.

We believe that home is where the heart is and that is why we make it our business to help our clients own the home of their dreams.

Why choose Big Time Bond

Contracted to the major banks

100% Free service

Instant credit status reports

One consultant that deals with all the banks on your behalf

Best interest rates

Online applications

Fast turnaround

Why get pre-qualified?

Getting prequalified will give you an indication of whether you qualify for a loan or not, and will let prospective sellers know you are a serious buyer.

We are here for you at Big Time Bond – Your Special Agent in Home Loans. We will get you pre-qualified, offer the best possible home loan deal by negotiating with all the banks on your behalf, and the best service for you and your family!

Remember, our service is absolutely free!


Big Time Bond offer the following services

Residential home loans

Buy to let (Fully completed properties)

Further loans

Vacant land

Building loans

SA Citizen working abroad

Temporary resident

Refugee (Maroon ID)

Foreign National (Individual with no Temporary or Permanent Residence status in SA – no work permit)

Permanent Residence

Legal Entities/Multiple Applicants

Small Holdings

Understanding your credit score

A credit score is a figure that reflects the likelihood of you repaying money you want to borrow.

Your credit score is calculated based on your credit profile and the information it contains, as well as the lender borrowing you money. This will show the predicted level of risk in lending money to you.

The higher your credit score – the opportunity of your credit acceptance increases along with better rates.

If you have a low risk profile, you will be able to negotiate on competitive credit rates.


We have a powerful and hardworking team which works for you

Anita Momberg

Business Owner

082 412 5833

Laetitia Heard

Bond Originator

074 388 6565